Monday, May 25, 2009


My sweet cousin, Christa, and my Aunt Margie came to visit us last week. She was in town from MN and drove all the way from Elkin, kid-less, to come and hang out for a little bit with the girls and yours truly. It was such a sweet visit and I only wished it could have lasted longer.

I think it's particularly amusing when I visit with Christa, now that I have the girls. See, she and I know each and every word to the original Disney's The Parent Trap, by heart, and used to attempt to dress like/be twins whenever we were together as kids. So it's sorta funny that I now have my very own Sharon and Susan :) Christa has her own set of adorable little ones, Maddie and Sam, and though I was happy to get to spend uninterupted time with she and Aunt Margie, I am looking forward to seeing her sweeties the next time she is in town. She is my scheduled parenting mentor/example :)

While we visited, Ada enjoyed entertaining Aunt Margie with her standing and dancing talents.

They almost matched perfectly in their pink outfits.

Thank you guys for coming to see us last week. I know that family time is so precious and I can't tell you how much I appreciated your taking the time to come down our way. Love you both so much :)

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