Monday, May 25, 2009

Mountain Time

We spent this weekend up in Boone at a cabin in Hound Ears owned/loaned by one of my dad's clients who might as well be part of our family. What a sweet and generous man he is. While we were up there we got to see Jer and Michelle and their girls in their new house. Jeremy and Stephen have been friends since middle school and Michelle is just amazing. You know that feeling where you meet up with old friends and it feels so familiar.. as if time stood still while you were away from eachother.. ? That's how it feels when we see Jer and Michelle. Wonderfully relaxing and just like home.

Here are the babies on the deck of the mountain house. It was cloudy this day but when it is clear there is a perfect view of Grandfather Mountain right over Margot's head.

All eyes on me.

Here is the youngest J&M offspring. The last time you saw her on this blog she wasn't even walking yet!

Ours and theirs...

The new house is really incredible. Makes us so excited to build one of our own one day.

Here is Ada checking out her PJ's in the kitchen while Nana cooks breakfast.

Daddy giving Margot a bath in the kitchen sink.

Sweet Margot playing with her gator.

Sweet/busy Ada trying to climb out of the sink.

Here is my favorite series of photos from this weekend. My brother, John, was in Charlotte this week to take a test for a work certification and he spent the remainder of his time in NC at the mountain house with us. He surprised the girls with two Hungry Caterpiller books, matching puppets that accompanied the books, and a soft Noah's ark with animals inside.

Here are Margot and Uncle John enjoying some story time.

Margot loves her caterpillar puppet.

Meanwhile, Ada studies Nana's pancake technique.

Margot showing Uncle John her early prowess for matching games.

We certainly missed Mariel but we were happy to see John for as long as we were able. What an amazing weekend we had. I wish I had been better with the camera. On Friday, John, Stephen and I all went out for an awesome dinner with Jeremy and Michelle (sans kids) followed by a few hours of pool at a local pool hall (at least if felt like a few hours). Good beer and good conversation can not be beat. Saturday the babies slept until 9 am (?!?!??!?) and we went to J&Ms house for lunch and some visiting then back to the mountain house for a fabulous dinner and visit with Page and Jenny (Dad and Page spent Saturday at a bow hunting tournament and Jenny and Riley drove up to meet Page in Boone and have dinner with us all). Can't believe I didn't break out the camera! I think I end up having so much fun just visiting and being normal that I am afraid bringing out the camera will break the spell. Oh well. It was just a wonderfully relaxing weekend and visit with everyone. The girls were wonderfully flexible with their schedule and to be honest.. it's a little hard to be home right now...

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I'm glad you had such a great weekend! =)