Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Get Lost

Ada contemplating cruising a few steps..

Ada ditched her diaper box car for a snazzy white laundry basket, which she took for a spin around her room tonight while waiting for Margot to get her bath.

Here she is, parked at the bathroom door waiting her turn.

Ada let Margot drive her basket while she got her bath.. Margot picked up a couple of friends for a joy ride.

I made cranberry walnut zucchini spice bread with the zucchini I got at Aldi, since the babies didn't seem to be eating it fast enough. It smells amazing.

Stephen made a potato gun today. A few months ago, his school had a fund raising auction and one of the items that they auctioned off was "Build(ing) a Potato Gun with Mr. Shingler". So tomorrow is the big day. He will head to the student's home after school and after being joined by 10 other 6th grade boys, they will fire potatos to their heart's content. Tonight we strapped the girls into our new Ergo Baby Carriers (courtesy of some very generous Mother's Day gifts) and hiked over to the local Super Dollar to buy some hair spray to fuel the madness tomorrow.

And now LOST is on.. so.. bye.

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kate said...

They are gorgeous Sarah--u blow my mind friend...even time to make your own bread:) We LOVE our Ergo carrier too!!!