Monday, May 04, 2009


Lately we really like to play together on our "command station"....

Lately Ada would rather stand than anything else..

Lately we love listening to Daddy play us the guitar..

Lately we have been growing like little weeds..

Lately we just want to be big girls..

Ada came down with whatever Margot had on Wednesday so it's been a little touch and go around our house. She is now 2 days into the rash portion of this delightful virus so we are hoping that the next day or so bring full health to our home.

Mother's day is coming.. the flowers are in bloom all over the place. I saw the first peonies of the season today. My absolute favorite... they are like little bundles of buttercream frosting. Well.. that is the most interesting thing I have to say. Good night.


Anonymous said...

It is all I can do, to not jump in the car and head to Raleigh. Wish I was watching all this in person, but since I am not I am so appreciative for the pictures. Thanks Sarah.
Grammy xxoo to a and m.

Kristin Schoolfield said...

Love their dresses! Hope you all are feeling better...miss you :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Your First Mother's Day!!!
Dear Mother Sarah,
Those girls are such a blessing and thru all the work and pain, now you truly begin to know why we have this Awesome Day. Grandma Mary said you may be coming south this summer after I told her I found a cheapy flight to Raleigh. I would love your visit here more and turn my flight money into gas money. Ada is so cute standing up and both listening to Stephen play.I had a great day watching Laurie and boys swim. Love you all, G-Grandma