Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Margot is obsessed with putting things in a container and then taking them out again. Here she is putting her blocks back in her green block box. 

Here she is after she has taken most of her toys out of our lovely toy shelf from Grammy, and once again going for the block box. 

My new milk glass bowl and vase from Angie. Flowers and peaches from Mom. Those peaches have recently transformed into a cobbler. 

The girls got to play with one of their friends this afternoon while we ran a quick errand. Here is a picture she took of Margot cheering for Cheerios. 

She took this picture of Ada peeking over the chair. She looks deep in thought. 

Listening to Mr. President talk about his push for nationalized health care. Stephen just said he wished he was Hermione Granger. I have to agree. I am just not smart enough to figure out what to think about this. Yes, I would love to stop paying $600 a month for family coverage.. but would government healthcare be up to par? Would we get the same care ? I don't even know what questions to ask.. I feel really stupid on this issue. I hate feeling stupid. I hate feeling like I don't know who to listen too. Frustrating. 

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