Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thoughts of Uganda

Snap shot for those photo lovers out there. My ladies get into everything. Such fun to watch. 

"Well hello there sister!!!" [giggles]

Well Grammy Mary and Grandpa Larry should be in Uganda by now.. I think. We have been praying for a safe, easy, non-claustrophobic trip for our sweet parents. They have such a wonderfully exciting trip planned and we can't wait to hear all about it. You can go here to read all about the folks they are headed to visit there. 

In other news, I am trying desperately to re-adjust to being at home. I love my house. I have never been happier to be at home, in my home. It is currently a disaster zone. I was so exhausted when we got home that I thought I would give myself a couple of days to get re-adjusted... and apparently I am still adjusting. Sigh. The girls have been fully weaned now for 4 weeks. Therein lies my problem. My hormones are so out of whack that just getting through the day is a challenge. I feel like there is a roller coaster inside my chest as my heart soars and crashes multiple times a day. In two words - this sucks. Some days are better than others but I am really looking forward to things leveling out at last so I can attempt to put my life back together. Right now I just feel like a depressed blob of emotional mess. I have always struggled with depression so this is nothing new in my world.. but to go from being crazy hyper to so down that I can hardly walk across the living room in such manic fashion is exhausting. The blessing is that I am able to keep it all in check while the girls are awake so even though I may not have had a shower - I am able to give them my full and focused attention. So please, if you comment on this post - keep any statements that might imply that I am not being a good mother to yourself. Don't make me sorry for my openness on this blog. 

I know this too shall pass :) So glad the weather is so fantastic today - can't wait to get outdoors. 


Ellen said...

Big hugs. Big, big hugs. And if you want to go out tonight for ice cream, give me a call. We'll be leaving for the weekend tomorrow night, so that's out, but I mean it about tonight. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Love from Uganda. We are having a fabulous time. Grandpa dreams of bringing Margot and Ada on a game drive on top of the truck! Can't wait to show you pix of all the animals we saw....God answered your prayers, Grammy never once felt claustrophobic. More adventure stories to come!
Grammy and Grandpa