Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Day!!!

Translation: Happy Birthday Grammy Mary!!!!!!!!!!!

Grammy is still in Uganda and in honor of her birthday we have a little birthday quiz for everyone. For the second time in their lives, the girls are dressed alike. Can you tell which baby is Margot and which is Ada? Please leave your guess as a comment below. I will reveal the identities in the next post. 

I love you, Grammy!!!!! 

I love you, Grammy!!!! Watch me ride my new car!!!! Vroooooooom!!!!

To celebrate Grammy's big day, the girls are wearing their special onesies from T-Bonz and BK, who sent these quite some time ago but they just now fit. The picture on the front is of our subway stop in Brooklyn. These are going to be one of those outfits that we keep for the girls forever. Thanks you guys. 

To Grammy from Ada and Margot:

Happy Birthday!!!! We had such a fun time playing at your house while we were visiting. We especially loved going swimming with you at Great Grandma's and Mrs. Warren's house. Thank you for spending so much time with us and for our new toy shelf and all the fun books we got to bring home. We love you so much and can't wait to see you again!!

Big hugs and slobbery kisses, 
Ada and Margot

To Grammy from Mommy and Daddy:

Happy B-Day Mary!! Since we have seen what your special African birthday treat is going to be it is a bit easier for us to imagine just how much fun you will have there. Thank you for loving us and for supporting us through the years. Thank you for loving our girls and making us feel so at home in your home. You are blessing in our lives and we feel so privileged to be a part of your family. We love you more than we can say. Looking forward to the next visit so much!

Hug an elephant for us :) 
Sarah and Stephen

To Grammy from Oliver:

Wooo wooooooo!! Rfffff!!! Grrrrrr!! (lick lick) (jump) (wag wag wag)


Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess...Ada on the right, Margot on the left (from the first picture). Although I must claim my unfair disadvantage of never having seen them in person(yet)! :(


Anonymous said...

Ada on the right, Margot on the left!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the wonderful birthday greeting. You made me feel very special and loved. Can't wait to show you all our pictures. We got close enough to hug a lion, but had to stay a little bit further from the elephants because they had babies with them! Love and hugs to all.
My guess is Ada on the left and Margot on the right, but I have been wrong before!!

Anonymous said...

The girls look so adorable in their matching outfits. We think Ada is on the left and Margo is on the right. Ada's teeth are so cute! Love Page & Jenny