Friday, September 25, 2009


Stephen went to a concert with a friend tonight. Right after he left I started getting a migraine. I took the girls upstairs to play with our milk container blocks until bed time.

Much to my delight, Margot has become extremely attached to her "soft". She won't be a baby much longer.. my heart melts when I see her snuggle her blanket and that pacy bobbing up and down.

Ada was having trouble building the wall she was attempting to construct.. Margot kept putting the blocks back into the block basket.

Someone needs a Mommy snuggle.

Happy to oblige, sweetness.

Another one? Absolutely.

Pretty colors.

Margot bumped her head on ..something... again...

Daddy recently taught us how to "give five"... Ada giving me a high five..

Margot gave more than one..

When you ask the girls "Where is your tummy?" this is their response.

Hatching a block.

Ada changes her point of view.

We were having so much fun I almost forgot what time it was. PJs were donned and each girl grabbed their respective pacys and "softs" and we headed to the rocking chair for a book or two.. or .. eleven.. yes.. we read eleven books tonight. The reading list included the stack of books next to the chair and everything within arms length.

Reading List:

"The Carrot Seed"
"I am a Bunny"
"The Boy With a Drum"
"The Snowy Day"
"Big Bagel, Little Bagel"
"Good Night, Gorilla"
"The Cat In The Hat"
"Blue View"
"The Very Happy Hen"
"Mommies Say Shhh!"

It hasn't been that long ago that I couldn't get through one book with these wiggle worms and now.. eleven? I would have loved to have kept going but alas I just couldn't reach anymore without getting up and upsetting our cozy cuddle.

My migraine seemed to hold off with it's full intensity until I finished reading. Now it is steadily getting worse so I'm gonna sign off.. just wanted to share my peaceful evening.

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