Sunday, September 27, 2009

In the kitchen

We spend the evening in the kitchen. Our sweet Ada has a wretchedly horrible diaper rash as a result of 10 days of antibiotics. She could hardly stand to be held or sit in her car seat this morning. We slathered on the diaper cream at nap time but to no avail. Thus we found ourselves spending some naked time gated in the kitchen. Margot got to keep her diaper but forfeited her outfit in case of accidents. 

Stephen put on "The Iron Giant", grabbed our favorite Wheely Bugs and some plastic (easily sterilized) toys and we settled in. Margot is seen here watching Uncle Ricky on Conan. 

I took a 5 minute video of the adorable diaper-less moments, as well as lots of naked baby shots. However since the internet abounds with nasty perverts, these are for family and friends' eyes only. This one seemed ok though. Here is our patient busy  with her Wheely Bee.  

Here's another PG snapshot. I think she really enjoyed being so unencumbered. 

We had one peepee incident and yes.. she did slip in it.. yikes and ewwwwwww all at once. She also did a little poopy but we saw it ... er... emerge and were able to catch it before it landed so.. all in all it went much better that I had expected. It was interesting to see that she does not just peepee a little here and there but went all at once just like a big girl would do. Not sure what this means but I am taking it to mean that her little bladder has grown substantially and I have already started turning my brain towards the potty training days. I like to get a head start. 

We called the pediatrician and got some special cream for her little bottom so hopefully it will be better very soon :( Nothing makes me feel more like a horrible mother than seeing my little girl suffer with diaper rash. Antibiotics.....grrrrrrr. 


Ellen said...

Poor girlie. I'll be praying for her...

Shannon said...

Hi! I found your blog through Ellen's, and I have basically the miracle diaper rash cream/paste recipe for you! (Even if you're through it for now, it might come in handy sometime in the future.)
Corn starch
Mylanta or Maloxx
(note: use disposable items to make's tough to clean off of stuff.)
Mix cornstarch into Desitin until VERY thick. Then slowly add, while mixing, the antacid (lest you end up with a glob of desitin in the middle of a Mylanta puddle.) And voila! Seriously, even the WORST diaper rashes my children have had have been cleared up within 36 hours of the first application of this stuff. The antacid neutralizes the acid in the poo, the cornstarch helps keep baby bottoms dry, and the zinc in the desitin helps treat the "burn"/rash. Works like a DREAM!!
Hope you're little girlies heal up quickly!