Tuesday, September 29, 2009

...where to begin..

Today has been just the worst day ya'll. 

First off let me start off by rewinding to yesterday afternoon. Margot and I were tickling Ada, who was standing next to us, when she (Ada) bent over double with giggles and knocked her head on the leg of a chair nearby. I heard the bump and said "Ouch! That must have hurt baby girl!" I reached to help her up and when she turned to face me there was blood gushing from her head. She was screaming, I grabbed her up and ran for a paper towel. Called Stephen and let him know he needed to get home right away. Was about to Google directions to Wake Med when I thought I better check with the pediatrician to see if they could possibly stitch up the 1/4 inch gash on her forehead (right between her eyes btw). Turns out they could! We all headed for the doctor at 6:30pm and Stephen took Margot to the store to get some milk and other necessaries. Ada and I stayed to get stitched up. The doc on duty decided to use Dermabond instead (sorta like super glue) so as to reduce the appearance of the scar. I had to hold her down with another nurse while they irrigated the wound - gut wrenching. Then it took 4 of us to keep her still while they actually did the .. gluing. Heart breaking. I was a tattered mess when we walked out into the waiting room to find Stephen and very concerned Margot waiting for us. The girls smiled and called/reached out to each other when they caught sight of each other. So sweet. We all headed home chuckling at how un-shocking it was that Ada got the first stitches. 

This morning I was awakened by some pitiful cries. I thought Ada's little cut must have been aching. I went in to give a little comfort and instead found that it was Margot with a nice ripe temp of 102. Oooooo-Kkkkkkk. Call Katie and tell her we can't keep Josie today (unless she is ok with her being exposed to whatever we have). She is a super hero and finds a sub sitter. Done. Margot is acting super sick and uncomfortable - feeling at the end of my rope I called for back-up. Mom to the rescue!!!! Mom took a day off from school and came to rescue us with some good Nana lovin'. I hadn't planned to take Margot to the doctor, but I quickly changed my mind when I noticed her shrieking every time I came near her left ear (plus her temp spiked to 104.5 after I gave her Motrin so..) It was so awesome to have Mom here to play with and snuggle Ada since Margot was listless, not really eating, and did not want to be set down. Mom stayed with Ada while I took Margot to the doctor. Here's where it just goes downhill fast. Dr. Bo confirmed she had an ear infection in her left ear. Wanted to take some blood to make sure she didn't also have a virus thing going on. When he came back into the room I knew something was wrong. He said he was concerned about her white cell count. It was 25.5K. Healthy folks have a count of 6-7K and sick folks have one of 14-16K so you can see why he was concerned. Gotta do some things to rule out other issues. First, does she have flu. They stuck a swab up her nose - that was negative. Next, need to test for a UTI. I had to hold my baby down while they inserted a catheter to get a urine specimen. Horrific. No UTI. Next stop, the hospital to have blood drawn for a blood culture. Sigh. Went to school to pick up Stephen. We both held her hands and legs while they drew blood from her tiny vein. They were wonderful and our tired little bunny was such a champion. After it was over, she snuggled into Stephen's shoulder and we headed back to the doctor to get a high dosage injection of antibiotics to treat whatever is going on until we have the blood culture results. She cried so hard as we held her down.. again..while she got her shot at the office. She was finished. Finally. She collapsed into her father's embrace and fell asleep on his shoulder. Safe at last. 

It has been a long day. We are still on edge. We won't know anything from the culture until at least 48 hrs (or so we have been told). She goes back tomorrow for another shot and Stephen is staying home with us tomorrow. Thank you, Mom for coming to help us today. Thank you, everyone, for your prayers. Please pray that this is just some crazy virus. We have been told that whatever "has ahold of her" is no joke and is super contagious. Please pray we can keep Ada from catching it. That we can stay healthy as well. I hope I can sleep tonight. I am trying really hard not to let my mind go nuts. 


Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you tonight, Sarah. For all of you. "May the God of peace guard over your heart and mind in Christ Jesus."


MKD said...

Prayers going out to you guys from New York. L and I are thinking about you all.

Wendy's World said...

Sarah, you guys have really had a rough go of it as of late. My goodness. You all are in my thoughts and I'll be praying for healthier days for all four of you. Crossing my fingers that you get good news from the culture real soon, and that it is some silly virus that passes SOON!

Christa said...

Hey Cuz- Been prayin' since mom called me yesterday evening. Praying for everyone had a great night sleep in the Shingler household.
Maddie a funky virus (she had vomiting with hers) with a high temp and high white blood cell count (not as high as sweet Margot, though). We were hospitalized given IV meds and fluids for 26 hours. Hopefully you guys are dealing with just a virus too!!! If it makes you feel better, Wade was out of town and I called for my MOMMY to come too!! Sometimes as moms.....we just need our moms!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah and Stephen,
I know you are scared and fearful. God is our strength. Jesus loves little children. He too loves Margot. "love casts out fear" Do not panic. Margot is a strong little toddler surrounded by love of family, friends, and the best doctors. You got her help right away. Prayers from all over right now are helping her.
He will cover you with his feathers and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfullness will be your shield and rampart. Psalm 91:4
Hugs and kisses, G-Grandma

Mariel said...

xoxo we are thinking of you and love you all so much! Can't wait to see you all very soon... and I'm sure there will be happy healthy times ahead!

Michael Paul said...

We're definitely praying for you all today. Love, Megan and Michael and Gloria