Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This is a bit late but we have been sick and teething around here. Almost two weeks ago now (wow can't believe it has already been that long) I flew Stephen's brother, David, out here for a surprise visit. He was surprised.. even though it doesn't really look like much on the video.

I also conspired with Stephen's dad for he and Mary to visit the same weekend. So Stephen didn't know that anyone was coming. Mary didn't know that David was going to be here.. Larry, David and I were the partners in crime. It worked out pretty well, even though Mary got suspicious and even brought David a scarf just in case he was here :) I forgot to open the lens cap for the first little bit of this video.. whoops.

I love putting things like this together. It was so perfect because David flew in on Thursday during the time that I normally go grocery shopping so Stephen had no reason to suspect anything was up when I drove away that evening. After David arrived, we ate the pizza that Stephen made for dinner and were just hanging out (watching Thursday night NBC goodness) when the doorbell rang and there were Mary and Larry. The girls were so excited to wake up the next morning and see Uncle David with Grammy and Grandpa there to greet them. We need to do this sort of thing more often.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again Sarah. It still makes me smile. Love you,Mary

Anonymous said...

What a great endeavor!!! So glad everything worked out so well. Happy brothers-happy family.

Such a nice, fall walk for you and the girls. Love you all. G-grandma