Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This evening we went for a walk as we often do after the girls eat dinner.

Before we went for our stroll, we decided to explore our little piece of world outside the front door.

The fading sunlight made their curls and eyelashes glow golden.

Ada struck out on her own and we watched with fascination to see which path she would choose.

Her first fall leaf and she was so excited she wanted to share it with me. The thrill. The thrill of being here to witness another human beings firsts.. first discoveries.. first looks..

Cautiously she tripped towards me along the sidewalk.

With reckless abandon she scuttled toward the open road to discover the curb, the street signs, the house in the distance. I held her sister close as I watched Stephen head her off, keeping her safe from dangers that do not exist in her tiny world. I whispered that I would always hold her close, as close as this moment. I will remember this moment.


L said...

Can I move in on your block? Your pictures always make me wistful for North Carolina living!

L said...
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SMS said...

Please please please move in here!!!!! We would LOVE to have you guys for neighbors :) At the very least maybe we could do a house swap one weekend.. we could bum around the village and you guys could bum around.. well.. here :)

Anonymous said...

Made me want to move in on your block too!! What beautiful "firsts"! The pictures captured the moment so perfectly. Mary

Christa said...

Such cuties. So glad to see everyone better and out of the house. Oh, SO jealous that you are all outside without snowboots and winter coats!!! See you at Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

Photos captured both the moment and my heart. I'm love crisp October days. Grampa