Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I found it

We dressed up to play ballerina yesterday and spent some time in the shade of the morning enjoying our sidewalk chalk.

Later that afternoon, Ada was looking for her sippy cup and when she found it she called out "I found it!" .. her first self constructed (grammatically correct) sentence.

Some of my favorite phrases that they are saying as two year olds will soon be a memory.

"Mommy, hoagie?" = Mommy, hold me?

"Itsy Ah-da!!!" = Spider (this comes from us singing them "the itsy bitsy spider" and inserting their names.. as in "the itsy bitsy Ada went up the water spout.." anything that resembles a spider is an "Itsy Ah-da")

"Tuck tuck?" = Mommy tuck me in


Anonymous said...

Love "I found it." Such a good feeling.
These pictures are precious. Can't wait to get my bag of ballet costumes down for them one day.
Yeah for chunky chalk. Preschool moms take note. Keep your little ones using large writing tools until they can hold smaller ones correctly. It is so hard to correct improper finger grips on pencils in kindergarten.

Nicole said...

Could their curls be any more precious? I miss the Shinglers and I have yet to meet the girls(although I feel like I know them from your blog). Any chance on taking a trip to NYC soon?

Ellen said...

Those are great curly head pictures. You should frame some of

Michelle D said...

Love the outfits, love the curls, love it all:)

Sara said...

we miss you! i thought the "i found it" was talking about the perfect curl solution. those curls are perfect in the pictures. love you all!