Friday, August 06, 2010

Today you are this many

Today, you are two. We celebrated last night with the whole family. Margot and Aunt Mariel were practically twins in aqua. Aunt Mariel has such great taste and she bought you your 2nd birthday outfits.

You got two beautiful tiny pianos from sweet Dixie that Uncle Page and Aunt Jenny delivered, and we could hardly get a still picture of you playing them because you wouldn't stop swaying to your own music.

Ada playing a duet with herself.

Daddy made your birthday cake. Devils Food Chocolate Cake with yellow Buttercream Frosting and bright pink sprinkles.

Margot, you ate your cake so delicately with your fork. Ada, you ate your cake so efficiently with your hand.

We finally got to give you your dollhouse! It was from me and your Daddy, Grammy, Nana, Papa and Granpapa. You LOVED it. Which makes us extra happy since we had to scour the earth for one. They don't make these particular houses anymore so we finally found one in a consignment shop in Florida (with the help of Grammy and Aunt Laurie) and then ordered the accessories from eBay. It was so much fun collecting it all and visualizing how you would play with it.. hoping you would like it. Watching you play with it was heaven.

Still working on smiling for the camera.

It rained while we all played inside and ate cake and ice cream. Outside, your Uncle John and Aunt Mariel had created a birthday wonderland for you to play in, complete with bubble blowing cow head and super fun pool with water slide. You were already up way past bedtime and were having so much fun with the cake, this was the perfect way to get cleaned up. We put you into your new bikinis from Aunt Mariel (your very first bikinis by the way!) and went outside into the cool night air to play.

I am not sure who had more fun, you or your Uncle John! We couldn't get you guys out of the pool until 9:30!!! You had so much fun splashing and twirling and going down the slide again and again and again. Margot, you kept running away to sit down in a chair and then zooming back to Uncle John screaming "I'm baaaaaaaack!!!". It was absolutely precious.

Look at those diapers!!!! It always cracks me up to matter how many times I see it.

This morning you got up and ate breakfast in your diapers. Then lounged around playing with your birthday loot. Margot was dressed like a bee (Aunt Mariel again) for a large portion of the morning.

We brought home two of the numerous balloons that were at your party and you have been playing with them all morning.

You look so tiny sitting on that big couch.

I can't believe that at this time two years ago I was being wheeled down the hall to the operating room.. about to meet you for the first time. Ada you were the first one I got to see.. I heard you cry and I started to sob. You were so beautiful. You are so beautiful. Margot, I got to hold you first and you nursed first. You were a pro from the start. You smelled so good and you were so soft and warm. Riding home from the party last night, sitting between your car seats I fell asleep watching you both sleeping peacefully with your softs and "dat-dat" s. I kept smelling your hair, touching your cheeks, kissing your little fingers and they gripped my hand. You are growing up so fast and I want to remember every moment as it drifts by. You are precious to me. I can't wait to see what you will do this year. I love you Ada. I love you Margot. Happy Birthday.


Tracy said...

ok I'm totally crying...gah!!! So sweet Sarah and they are so precious and so blessed to have you and Stephen for parents. Kaitlyn and Hannah had those type of doll houses, and they played with them for YEARS! Kiss my babies for me and tell them Aunt Tracy, Uncle Vince, Kaitlyn, Seth and Hannah love them so very much!!

L said...

So beautiful, Sarah - you, the blog, your gorgeous girls, your lovely home, their new pianos and dollhouse, and the efforts you went to to get them. Lovely. Thinking of you all and your beautiful girls!

Heather said...

Ack... I'm crying over this post. Beautiful pictures, beautiful girls, beautiful words. Looks like everything was perfect!

Helene said...

Awwwww, what a sweet post!!! Your babies are adorable and obviously loved by so many!!!

Looks like their b-day celebration was amazing!!! Happy 2 years to them!