Monday, August 30, 2010

Multiples and More Question of the Week: Do you really know yourself ?

Write a list of 10 surprising things about yourself

1) I still spend way too much time thinking about our former life in Brooklyn. I miss my front stoop and the weekend walks in the cemetery at the end of the block. I miss running for the subway and the breeze that blew through the station when the train was on it's way. I miss everything about New York... Most of you are probably not surprised by that at all so let's see if the next one yields something more interesting..

2) I have a thing for Jack White.. and Benicio Del Toro ... and this guy

3) I always wanted twins..ever since I was a little girl and my cousin and I pretended to be twins a la "The Parent Trap" every time we were together

4) I have never dyed my hair.. ever.. not sure why.. just never had any interest in it..

5) I have never smoked pot.. ever.. or done any other drugs.. but I can drink like a champ.. well used to .. on certain occasions.. I have definitely called Stephen from a curb in the meat packing district and asked for a ride home.. Him: "No problem.. where are you?" Me: "Meat packing district I think.. not sure which street... there are cobble stones..?".. I love a good Grey Goose dirty martini.. or a good glass of wine..or a beer.. yeah I know.. no more beer now that I am gluten free.. haven't really processed that yet..

6) I married the guy I had the biggest crush of my life on.. and I still get a crush on him at least 3 times a week.. he's such a cutie!

7) I once dropped a lit cigarette down my jeans.. well Abby actually dropped it while trying to transfer it to my mouth as I was talking on the phone to Nathan who was my ride back to Jersey that night.. it went right down my shirt... into my jeans and got stuck on my thigh. It hurt like hell and I started jumping around screaming "I'm on fire!! I'm on fire!!!!" smacking my leg.. poor Nathan. He is such a patient soul. I still have the scar.

8) I have always wanted to stay at home and be a wife and mother.. it is a lot harder some days than I ever thought but overall it has been the most incredible job of my life .. and I really feel like I am good at it. I have never been that great at any of my other jobs.. but this one.. I think I am good at this one.

9) I love to listen to songs on repeat. I have listened to a particular song for two hours before.. yes.. the same song playing over and over for two hours..that was an extreme case but it has happened. I do this with my iPod on so it doesn't drive the other members of my household crazy. Yes, the last song I got obsessed with was Strawberry Swing (thanks again MKD). I have played violin since I was 9 and music sometimes speaks to me on a level that nothing else can (doesn't everyone say that?) so when I find a song that makes me feel amazing.. I just listen to it and feel amazing as long as I feel like feeling amazing. I once drove to Tallahassee listening to the same Weezer CD for the entire 8 1/2 hours. It was like driving through a dream. Don't judge.

10) I have typed this whole list with Ada and Margot sitting on my lap and Kipper: Puppy Love playing in another window open on the screen. I think I have kissed their hair at least 17 times.

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Dolli-Mama said...

What a great list! I agree with #8.