Thursday, May 02, 2013


If you have young children, particularly girls, you might be familiar with finding various toys arranged in a particular scene or set up from time to time. This is a regular occurrence here and I have been trying to record a few when I get the chance. Most of these were left in the wake of the tidal wave of Ada and Margot's imagination and I am not sure what each represents but I do know a few. For instance the baby above is a "Queen baby on her throne". Around our house the Queen is better than the Bride and statements such as "If you don't let me wear the pink headband I will say it is only the BRIDE headband and not the QUEEN headband." are common. 

No idea. 


This one I know! This is "A water fairy taking a nap on the couch watching TV". I told Margot she could have just told me it was supposed to be me but she reminded me I am not a water fairy and can't do things like put dew drops on spider webs - thanks Disney. 

Just sat down to fill out the calendar for the month and I am very close to a panic attack. I am not ready for this. I am not ready for so many end of school things that I can't keep them straight and that constant nagging feeling that you are forgetting something - usually because it was due yesterday. Seeing every weekend and the majority of each week left in the month melt into a blur of pencil scratches. I refuse to write them in ink - the page instantly becomes an unnavigable maze of obligations. Then there are all the fun things that the girls are going to go bananas over. Field Day. Grandparents Day. End of the Year Celebration... Last Day Class Party... these are the ones I can't handle. I am not ready for this part. Not ready for them to be done with their first year of school. Not ready for them to leave their precious and amazing and oh-so-supportive Pre-K Teachers. What will I do without them next year?! They have been like having two extra mothers on staff to share in the loving on and raising of my girls. How can they be this old?? To make it worse they quit wanting to wear their jumpers this week and started wearing the plaid skirts with their shirts tucked in. They look like 6 year olds. Not.Ok. 

As much as I cried when they started school.. sliding down this steep hill to the end of it is going to leave a mark. Not here.. or here so much.. but right here in the middle of my chest. 

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Larry said...

Oh Sarah, well said. What a poignant narrative... You're about to complete the introduction to a popular best seller entitled, "These are the Best of Times." Can't wait to get up to Raleigh to celebrate big girls in small sizes, life to the fullest and one special birthday...