Monday, May 20, 2013

The Cabin

Ellen invited me to come away for a girls weekend at the cabin. I have been there exactly twice before. Once, when I was 12 and again towards the end of college. This time was like the last. Her precious father met us there. He had gotten everything opened up, cleaned and ready for us. This is the view. Close your eyes and imagine the perfect amount of balmy breezes blowing gently over tired eyelids.

Built at the turn of the century. The last one. 

The simplicity of the interior drove me wild this visit. I couldn't get enough visually. The simplicity and the light and the harmony of color, form and functionality. Mostly the functionality. Everything is so tight and neat and orderly. 

The color of the stain on the plywood. The way it made the rooms glow in the sunlight. 

Somehow it was like visual poetry that I couldn't put to words. 

Tell me you don't see it.. then look again.

One family's paradise. 

Grateful for the sharing.

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