Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Twin Life

Being a twin can be tough. You love with a fierce love that gets so entangled you fight hard to keep it intact some days. Sometimes ideas that seemed brilliant in your little mind turn out to really upset your other half. 

Today Margot decided to tear the Canadian flags (that the girls have been marching and dancing with all day) off their dowel rods. She had some purpose in mind for these rods that I am sure would have elevated them far above the roll of flag pole. When Ada saw what she had done she stared in horror. When I saw what she had done I issued my standard "That's not safe. You'll put your eye out." comment and confiscated the items. Ada planted herself in the middle of the hallway, arms crossed across chest, angry tears rolling down cheeks, angry sobs making my ears ring, and declared herself to be super angry at Margot. Margot, devastated at having made a mistake that wasn't popular with Ada ran from her room, to my room, then Frankie's room looking for a place to cry. I left them for a few minutes before stepping in. Ada remained in the hallway. I heard Margot banging in their bathroom and went to try to help them work things out. She was so upset by the fact that Ada was so mad at her, she had taken a drawing she had recently given to Stephen off his night stand and was trying to get the old tape to stick to the bathroom wall - insisting that it wasn't good enough for Daddy anymore and it belonged in the bathroom. I took her into my arms and she crumbled. Sobbing. This is not unusual as Margot is pretty moody but these tears were not manufactured. She decided to apologize to Ada, who immediately stopped crying and hugged her sister. Margot remained inconsolable. I held her on my lap and talked quietly to her about mistakes and how easy some mistakes are to fix. How wonderful it was that Ada forgave her right way and wasn't even upset anymore. Daddy can fix just about anything. Making mistakes is the best way to learn sweet girl. Etc. Etc. Cuddle. Snuggle. Ready to find Ada. A far off voice called us into the kitchen. There stood Ada with her "I Forgive You Card" for Margot. Good grief how I love my girls. Margot and her tender heart that breaks mine in half when I watch her struggle with my own hurts and insecurities at such a young age. Ada who loves like wild fire.

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Larry said...

This is amazing. What a teachable moment you took full advantage of. You are an amazing momma, Sarah Shingler!!! I absolutely loved reading this. Mary