Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Super Quick

Just a super quick update before I finish getting ready this morning. We have been pretty busy around here lately and I haven't been able to take the time to update this thing ..but here goes..

- I am leaving this afternoon to find us a place to live in Raleigh. I have multiple leads, thanks to Ellen's help, but please pray that I will find something quick that we can afford and that the process will be smooth and pleasant for all involved. It would be cool if it's a cute place too but I'm not too picky :)

- Baby girls are doing great. Still super active and growing stronger every day.. some of those kicks are real doozies. I am feeling great and have loads of energy and adrenaline flowing so that I am taking advantage of it as much as I can.

- I am taking back what I previously wrote about pink stuff. I think I reacted to harshly, the shock of the news still ringing in my ears. Pink stuff is cute, pink stuff is girly.. I like/have/wear pink stuff (hypocrite alert?) and if anyone wants to get us anything at all we will welcome it with open arms. We welcome all colors equally.

- If you are in the New York area and have not yet been to see the Murakami show at the Brooklyn Museum - run, don't walk. It is a festival of color and fantasy that is not to be missed.. and if you hurry you might still catch the cherry blossoms that are blooming all around the building. Spectacular in the most commercial of ways.

- Only 4 more days at the office for me after today - YEAH!!!!!!!/ Waaaaa.... :( Still undecided.

- For our friends in the area.. time is running out fast and we don't think we will be having a "farewell party" (we pondered for awhile but just can't get it together).. so.. if you have time this weekend or next week (before Thursday) please give us a call and we would love to hang out.. come one come all.. come none that's ok too. We are going to miss you all SO much...

Alright.. that's it for now... Will let you know what I find !!!

Much love!!

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tennisgirlskd200 said...

Hey Sarah! It's Sarah Drake! Congradulations on ur babies!! I'm so excited for you! And twin girls...that's soo cool. I want girls someday. I'm kinda the opposite of you. I don't know what to do with boys...I have a sister. But girls are so much fun! Take care! I"m praying everything continues to go well!