Friday, January 01, 2010

Day One

Sometimes Daddies have to play frisbee with one hand.

One little girl, two little girls, three little girls .. more :)

We are approaching the weekend. Normally I feel exhilarated at having made it through the week with limited casualties. This evening, however, I must say that I am not looking to Saturday morning with my usual enthusiasm. J, M and the girls arrived yesterday and will, most likely, head back to Boone tomorrow. It should feel cramped to have 4 adults and 4 little girls, plus an Oliver, all sharing our space. Yet somehow it never does. Also, Stephen will be headed back to school on Monday - Boo squared.

We are watching the Star Trek movie. It's pretty good.. I can see what all the fuss was about - though I wish I knew a bit more about the original so that I could enjoy a knowledgeable chuckle when appropriate. Alas the only Star Trek I ever indulged in was Star Trek: The Next Generation which I watched with John when we stayed at Gram's overnight. So I had a mad crush on Wesley but don't really get who the guy with the Russian accent is on this movie...? Is this a young Scotty? As in... "Beam me up Scotty!" ..? This is unclear. What is clear is that I definitely need to make sure we have a fireplace in our home of tomorrow. I seem to have a thing for warm feet.. you know to the point at which you have to move them from the heat source before you do serious damage? I am laying here with my feet pressed against a space heater.

Well, I'm really glad we did this. We must do it again sometime.


Barb said...

Head back to Boone as in North Carolina? My eldest graduation from APP and we love Boone. Don't miss driving up the mountain in the dense fog though.

SMS said...

Yup! Boone as in NC :) Small world isn't it !