Sunday, January 10, 2010

Early Birds

The baby girls ate their breakfast this morning watching the birds outside our window eat their breakfast from the feeder swinging in the chilly air. They were entranced.

I have spent the last two days relaxing and recovering from this weeks migraine attacks. I cleaned like a maniac on Friday so that I could feel at ease this weekend .. it worked and I feel rested and ready to face Monday morning. My brain is still a little fried so I have nothing interesting to talk about but.. I hope that changes in the coming days.


Anonymous said...

Loved these pictures. Felt like I was enjoying the "morning feeding" with the girls.

Anonymous said...
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Tracy said...

SOOOOOOOOOO Precious! Love the curls....I want to get ahold of those girly chick a dees so bad!
Tell them Aunt Tracy Loves them!!
And you and Stephen too of course!