Monday, January 18, 2010

P-Butter Heads

Our babies love peanut butter.

Today has just been full of excitement. We got a new computer!!!!! Yes, after 6 years we decided to bite the bullet and upgrade the ol' iMac. We have been socking away Christmas/birthday $$ and it was time to put it to good use. Making large purchases like that are always nerve wracking, but as luck would have it, our sales genius (or whatever they are called at the apple store) was actually an alumnus from St. David's.. so.. it couldn't have worked out better. He was fabulous at answering all our questions and hooked us up with one of those beautiful machines in less than an hour. We brought the old iMac in to have the contents transferred and the sight of it brought a huge smile from the tech support. "This is beautiful." He said the version we had was the favorite of everyone in the store and their favorite commercial. He said he would not get rid of it even though we have upgraded. This was nice to hear since we were thinking the same thing. So it's at the store getting data transferred and I can't show you a picture of it in it's new home yet but.. I am SO looking forward to being able to Skype with friends now!!! Also, watching movies on our Netflix account.. and burning DVDs ... the list goes on and on... we got a printer for free too(with the rebate they offered) .. we have had the same desktop and printer for 6 years.. and the printer costs us $25 back then.. so you can only imagine the quality of the thing.. it has been a dust collector for many many months. How nice it will feel to be streamlined and fully productive with our electronic equipment. Now if we could just afford iPhones and the plans that support them... our tech dreams would have all come true.

We have decided to follow our buddies the Grahams and try to watch our way back through LOST before the premier on 2/2. It's a tall order but we are doing our best to get there...


J. said...

haha you are even crazier than i knew...I'm sure I'll be watching some (or most?) of those episodes with ya'all...even though I just watched the whole series in the last two months! we are LOST heads :)

Anonymous said...

just want to kiss my sweet peanut butter face girls.