Sunday, May 06, 2012


Me: "Ada can you look at Mommy and smile for just one second? Please?"
Ada: "No mommy. I can't. My princess needs her castle. I'm too busy mama."

Our girls weekend at the beach with Nana was as amazing or better than my best daydreams of how it would go. This is the first time that I was able to get the girls to be excited about playing in the sand and running on the beach. 

I absolutely can not wait for the next trip. This is going to be an epic summer. 

Twins are the best. There's Margot all prim and proper with her hair pulled back and smiling for the camera when asked. And then there's Ada.. hair blowing in her face.. busily digging and in her own world. I love the difference in their personalities. They are perfect compliments to one another. 

Frankie's first time in the pool. We have another water bug on our hands. Not even a whimper. She was ready to swim laps after about 5 minutes. 

Triple Threat. 

And then my camera ran out of batteries. Thought I checked it before we left but it turns out it was the iPod that was fully charged. Blast. We will be back again soon. Let the summer begin!


L said...

OMG. Dying to leave NYC and join your beach trips!

Anonymous said...

So glad that your trip went well!!!!

And, from one mama to another, awesome swimsuit:)


Sarah said...

L - Bring it!! What us to start looking for jobs for you guys ? ;)

M - Thanks! Out of the water it is very "pin-up" style.. but with all these mama curves it worked out well :)