Thursday, May 10, 2012


I posted the following on Stephen's FB wall this morning:

"We are painting this morning. Ada just tried to paint the sun on her picture and got frustrated. She was trying to put yellow all over the picture and it just didn't look right. I told her the little yellow circle she started with looked great and just like a sun. She said "No mommy! The sun is everywhere.. all over the house and the grass.. the sun is light. Sometimes paint doesn't work for drawing light."

She is your daughter through and through."


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Larry said...

Perhaps the quote of the year from our young Bohemian Princess. Amazing!

Seriously, let's just skip this pre-school thing, drop Ada's quote in her artist statement, add samples of her expanding portfolio and just move on to Parsons or maybe Pratt.

Love that crazy girl... Ok, all my sweet grand-daughters. Mama too! ;-)