Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Catching up

Internet at long last. The following are some pictures from the past month in no particular order...

Stephen with cousins Mark and David in Palm Harbor.

This is our new place of residence. If you look carefully, you can see a very small dog looking out the left window (through the tree branches). Posting pictures of the now cleaned up interior as soon as we hang the rest of the art. Tomorrow ...?

Dad and Uncle Gavin on a scenic tour around the lake during our recent stay at their lake house. At first I wasn't allowed to ride in the boat for fear the water would be too rough.. but it turned out to be a calm day so they took me on a little cruise.

My sweet cousin Christa who is now a resident of the great state of Minnesota. She and I used to ride together on an orange plastic sled thing that they pulled behind the boat. So much fun but it did tend to beat you to death. Memories. See that bright blue dock in the distance.. that's the dock that goes with the lake house.. the boat is also Carolina Blue.. this family loves them some UNC. Go Tarheels!!

I didn't get any shots of Stephen knee boarding (drat!!) but he was really tearing it up. My mom even gave it a whirl and did super well after a few false starts.

Here Stephen is cleaning out the pool at Elsie's house in Palm Harbor. Oliver was helping...

.. at least.. Oliver was attempting to help...

Me and Elsie back when I was a sort of reasonable size a few weeks ago. Best seafood I have eaten thus far in the pregnancy...come to think of it.. the only seafood I have eaten... gotta change that.

Stephen and those crazy cousins examining the giant chain hanging from a tree..

So don't you feel caught up now.. hope to post more regularly now..

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sara! thanks for the update!
We are praying for you daily!
Keepp us posted as you are able.
Love in Christ, grandpa morrison, Ace