Monday, June 16, 2008


Dad is in the hospital and they have him on a strong blood thinner at the moment. He is not in ICU but he is in an area that is heavily monitored by hospital personnel and he is being watched very closely. He is in a good deal of pain, hurts to breathe, but seems to be in good spirits otherwise. The nurses told my mom that they expect him to be there at least until Wednesday or Thursday. After he is released he will have to be on Coumadin (blood thinner) for the next year at least. Right now is the critical period in a situation like this. Watching and waiting to make sure that the clot does not move and that it reacts well to the medication. Please continue to keep Dad in your prayers. Can't thank you enough. 


Michelle D said...


Christa said...

Sarah- I been kept to date on Uncle Ned through Mom. Of course we are all praying here. Even Maddie prayed for Uncle Ned last night during her "night-night" prayers. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!!


Tracy said...

Praying, Praying! God is the almighty healer! Amen! Love you!

Anonymous said...

dear sarah--

i've been reading your blog since your folks told me about it when we visited them two years ago and enjoy keeping tabs on your life and happenings.

summer called this morning to ask if i'd been on your site recently and if i knew about your dad's medical situation. i had called him yesterday as he was going through the admittance proceedure at the hospital and was of course shocked and alarmed to hear of his condition. i tried calling today to check on how he was progressing but called at a time when her phone turned off--hopefully getting some rest. so i was glad you had posted an update on how he is doing. thanks for doing that and just wanted to let you know he is indeed in our prayers as are you, stephen, and your mom and all his relations.

i've always wanted to respond to your writings but haven't figured out how to post a comment on your blog even tho summer has walked me through it a couple of times. let it suffice to say that following you and stephen through your time in brooklyn and now in raleigh helps me feel a part of your dad's life in a very special way. i thank you for that. you have a special talent and i'm honored to be a recipient of your musings. nicci and i check in on a regular basis.

please keep me posted on any changes in your dad and tell him and your mom we're in constant prayer for them right now.

love and regards,

Summer Williams said...

Well, I guess now is a good time to leave a comment since I just spent the last fifteen minutes walking my dad through how to copy the email he'd written you and paste it into a comment (apparently he doesn't have your correct email address--he says he got it from your dad and that he's about as computer literate as mine, so any number of things could have gone awry in that exchange :). I was so sorry to hear about your dad's complications. I hope he recovers quickly and that you'll let him know David and I are thinking of him and keeping him in our prayers.