Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Open Windows

This is Oliver's favorite napping/snuggling position these days. He loves to cuddle on and put his "arms" around the babies. The funny part is that every time he is up there, the girls start kicking and punching at him. His head bumps around with their movement, but he never blinks an eye. I like to imagine that the three of them are getting to know each other even now. 

The weather is actually cool today so we have all the windows open. I tried to do this yesterday but once the temperature in the house got above 80 I had to break down and turn on the old air recycler. Pre-pregnancy me could handle a wider range of temperatures, but now if I get too hot I feel like I might faint and that could be trouble when I am home alone. One of the perks of living in a first floor dwelling (for the first time.. ever..) is that you can open the door and go straight outside, skipping all those stairs. The downside is that you can't leave the windows open when you are away, or even when you are asleep at night. Our neighborhood is pretty much one of the nicest in Raleigh so I bet I could leave them open at night and be just fine.. but .. I felt much better when I left them open all the time on the 3rd floor. At least if someone was in the mood to do us harm they would really have to work for the "privilege". 

In other news, Dad is holding steady, doing well though still in a lot of pain. Mom said the doctors assured her it's not the most extreme case they have seen. Everyone is very optimistic that this will all be over soon and he can go home. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. 

I myself am feeling marginal today. Hardly slept last night and have been super drowsy and nauseous all morning. I have a doctor's appointment today so that means I have to get it together, shower and shave, so that I can feel presentable at the office. Also, Stephen and I have "our" breastfeeding class tonight at the hospital. Wish us luck!

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