Tuesday, June 10, 2008

For those of you...

...who actually want to see pictures of a hugely gigantic pregnant lady who is all hot and sweaty from a morning "power walk" in near 90 degree weather...

the front view..looks like I am smuggling a frozen turkey under that tank..

Boo-Ya!!! Oooooo you know you are jealous of my huge ..I mean .. beautifully enlarged belly..

... I just remembered that this is only week 30 .. I still have 7 more weeks to go!!!! Can it possibly get any bigger?!?!?!

Went to the ol' OB appointment yesterday.. I feel like I am there every other day right now... we had another measurement ultrasound. The girls are looking great and as busy as always. They each weigh a little over 3 lbs... that's right.. I am toting around more than 6 lbs of baby right now (in addition to all the other stuff that's in there) and it's only going to get heavier!! The great news is that it looks like they are on track to be a very healthy weight for twins.. maybe even 6 pounders.  That would be fantastic. I shudder to think what my poor belly will look like after their departure but nevertheless I am packing in the protein to try and make sure they put on as much weight as they possibly can. I am doing everything I can to make sure we get to skip the NICU with these little ones. 

Baby A (aka Susan, aka Romulus..) was the show-off she always is on ultrasound day. She stared right up into the camera thing and wiggled all around looking cute and sweet. Little baby B (aka Sharon, aka Remus...) was a shy as she always is. She was rolled over with her back up so we couldn't see her face at all. When the tech poked her a little to get her to move to a better position for the measurements, she poked right back. She is not a fan of having her picture taken and is very quiet. I can't wait to see if they maintain these little personality types when they arrive. 

We invited Mom and Dad to come with us to this appointment so they got to see the girls in action. A good time was had by all, particularly after the appointment when we all went to get some food!

We have our potential dates for the birth, haven't decided on one yet. Never really considered the fact that I would be actually choosing their birthday. Stephen has orientation for the school the week that the girls will arrive so we are trying to work all of that out and will let you know when we have a firm date. 

Random baby stuff that I may or may not have mentioned on here... 

... if anyone is interested we are registered at Babies R Us.. not sure why that is really relevant but it occurred to me the other day that I never mentioned that before. 

... names.. we are keeping the names a secret until the big day. Have I already said that? Probably. 

... the birth itself.. we have chosen to have a C-Section with these girls. This decision was tough because we really wanted to do what is absolutely the best and safest thing for both the girls. After talking to the doctors, other friends who have had C-Sections, and reading up online we determined that a C-Section was the safest bet overall. This is based on several factors. 

A) these are my first babies (if it was a second or third pregnancy it would just seem like delivering two small babies and thus would be easier to deliver the "regular way")

B) the doc's won't let me go into labor naturally .. they would induce me .. so I wouldn't even have a chance for my body to do things the way nature intended..

C) I am a pretty small girl and these are on track to be pretty healthy weight babies for twins..

D) Baby B. Baby B would be the one who could suffer from a "regular birth". As the second twin in line she is at a higher risk for being inside too long or getting caught in a breach position and on  and on and on..

All in all I am not looking forward to be sliced open and the recovery that comes with that, and I know plenty of people who have delivered twins the natural way and everything turned out just fine.. but... we feel more comfortable with this decision and that's what we are going with. One of our doctors actually said he thinks that in the future all twin births will be mandatory C-Section, for the safety of the second baby. So.. there you have it. 

I had a nice refreshing walk this morning with my new friend and fellow preggo Erin, and now I am going to take a nice refreshing shower to wash off the layer of ick that has accumulated as a result.


Tracy said...

You look sooooo precious, really. Although I KNOW you don't feel precious. These next few weeks you will be able to understand how a disabled person feels...Trust me :-) I will be calling soon so we can chat about things... I had Seth and Hannah naturally, but Hannah did flip on us, and had to be turned around..Praise God for epidurals!! Love you Aunt Tracy

Christa said...

Sarah- You look good. Good for you for getting out and power walking. Glad to hear that things are going well for you, Stephen, and "the girls". Love to you all!!


Anonymous said...

Looking great my friend. What? 30 week to-date! Oh my, time fly when you're having baby. Sarah your overall health and the health of those amazing girls are such an answer to prayer. Mary and I are sooooo proud of you guys. Bring on Sweetpea and Ms. Butter-bean. Hee Hee ! Larry

Mariel said...

Sarah! You look so good, I love that we can check here to see how you are coming along. You are going to be a fabulous mommy.

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, Sarah, you look absolutely fabulous!!! I can't believe it's only a few more weeks until the girls make their appearance!!! You must be psyched!
Brian and I are both very happy for you (and Stephen) and I'm very happy to be able to "check in" on you through your blog!
Love and miss you guys lots!