Monday, December 14, 2009

Away on a tree branch...?

..rock-a-bye robots..? You might be wondering why I am posting a photo of the girls new robot ornaments (from Grammy and Grandpa) ... looking a bit askew in the tree branches.. their soft little knit yellow and orange bodies dangling in the needles.. this photo was taken about a week ago... we gave the girls their ornaments to play with..and play they did.. then before they headed off to bath and bedtime.. they sweetly nestled their little ornaments into just the right spot in the tree. And here they are. They have moved them a couple of times since then.. but we will always have this picture to remember their first tree decorating experience. Seems silly when I think about it sometimes.. am I going to look back and wonder why I took this photo? I only hope I remember the rush of loving excitement when I saw what they had done. They are growing up :)