Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas time was here...

.. and so was Uncle David..

.. and Grammy and Grampa..

..Ada and Margot got a play kitchen for Christmas from Grammy, Grampa, Nana and Papa.

..they also got big Doodle Pros from us.. they started drawing immediately.

..twin sock monkeys from Grammy and Grampa.. Ada snuggled them right away.

..a new play phone from Ms. Kathy.. they love pulling it around and saying "Ello?"

..paper treats from the Bassage-Glocks.... we blow them up.. they crush them right away and ask to have them inflated again ..

..Ada and Margot playing cars in the kitchen window with Grammy..

..Ada testing Grammy :) Grammy get's an A +

.. the girls could not/can not get enough of their new kitchen. They cook and stir and sort and organize .. open the doors.. close them again.. put away their tea set.. bring it back out.. share tea with everyone.. put their sippy cups in the oven.. take them out again.. I don't know if this is true but it feels like they have been watching me in the kitchen.. cooking.. and now they are putting it into practice themselves.. like I said.. not sure that is the case.. but it sure feels that way.. and I am going to keep that in my heart.

.. we had a beautiful Christmas with our family here. We ate good food, laughed until we cried, napped, read, strolled, shopped, watched movies, listened to music, played with babies, laughed with babies, laughed at babies, sang together on Christmas Eve, prayed together, played together.. all the things that you do with your family that bring a smile to your face. Still smiling.

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