Friday, December 04, 2009

Girls vs. Tree

The first day the girls came downstairs and saw our tree.. it had a baby gate around it - with good reason. After a few days of gated tree viewing.. I decided to take it down and try it out our 16 month listening/obeying skills.

Man it is tough for little girls to keep their hands gentle on this tree. Poor Ada just sees balls hanging all over it and wants to play catch. I keep a close eye on them when they are near it .. it could be dangerous if they pulled it over on themselves. I don't want them to be afraid of the Christmas tree so.. they do not get any "pop pop" s (as the girls call it when I have to pop their hand in discipline) but they have been "instructed" to "be gentle" and "touch with one finger"... many..many.. many times. Grin. It's a patience builder but I love those sorts of things. I feel the stupid anxieties that I put on myself for meaningless reasons drop away as I stand over them helping them learn this new.. skill.

Ada is my most frequent rule breaker so far. But when corrected she sticks her little finger out and strokes the ornaments while calling out her names for them "Bawwwww!": ball
"Bebe!": baby.. that's it so far :)

It's hard to enforce these rules from behind the lens sometimes.. still.. how adorable are they? The wonder in their faces at the sight of the lights and decorations is infectious. Happy Christmas babies.


Summer said...

Those curls are DEE-licious. LOVE them. What sweet pictures!

Anonymous said...

Soooo sweet. I sure remember this with my girls. I put the tree up on a table that they couldn't reach. Mary began teaching -teaching her little sister not to touch them. They are soo precious. G-grandma

If you can't come to Florida this time just send me pictures. It just may be too hard to travel at their age. Summer is really a better time. But I welcome you whenever you can visit. I love all. G-Grandma