Sunday, December 27, 2009


Today I had a migraine. I took two Zomig and it still managed to last the whole day. Still... it relented enough to allow us to go to Church and have lunch with Mom and Dad. After they left, I went back upstairs to take a nap and Stephen took the girls for a walk. They got to see a train go by. Sorry I missed it... aren't they beautiful ?


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you missed it too. Hope the migraine is over by tomorrow.
And yes the girls are beautiful, just like their mommy!
Loved seeing your Christmas pictures. We had such an incredible time together. Thanks again. Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah and Stephen, So glad to see your Christmas was such a joy. Whether you were inside by the tree with their happy toys, girls playing kitchen, running cars with Grandma or outside with Daddy, Christmas was a joy. Writing your blog next year is a prime target for you and my being on the receiving line is nothing but bliss. I know all the grandmas love you for this.
I am still having Christmas here as Mary and Judy and her kids will be here tomorrow. Love you all. G-Granma