Monday, December 07, 2009

Do you..

... ever try to hide behind your mama's shoes..?

...believe a tambourine on your head makes you invisible ..?

...grow at a rate of several fee in as many seconds..?


...ever wonder why people are always taking pictures of you..?

Do you.... have Trader Joe's O's in your carpet, and grapefruit stickiness on your kitchen floor? Do you need to vacuum said floor? Mop? Dust? Do you have a dog that spends most of the day playing with babies and looking for a warm lap to snuggle in? Do you wear knee socks every day when the weather is chilly? Do you long for a steaming bowl of rice and Indian Food every night for dinner? Do you have greasy little baby hand prints on your windows and mirrors.. and can't bear to wipe them away ..? Do you have giggling girls upstairs that are supposed to be napping?

We do.

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Wendy's World said...

Cute post. The last several posts with photos have been good, the girls are adorable and look busy!