Wednesday, May 04, 2011

23 and 36

So here we are.. she at 23 weeks and I at 36. Her's a miraculous surprise, mine some awesome divine planning. Her's another boy.. mine.. another girl. 3 boys and 3 girls. Never would have thought we would ever live in the same city much less be pregnant at the same time.

I am not fond of pictures of myself at the end of pregnancy. Who is really? I feel huge.. I look huge.. I am huge. I have a thing about being huge. I don't care for it. It's for a good cause I know.. but I can't wait to get back to my regular wardrobe, selfish and vain as that sounds and is.

Still who could resist capturing this moment in time ?

She took me for a Mexican feast and a DELUXE pedicure ;) Hey big spender. I sprang for two hot fudge sundaes at McD's.

Meanwhile our wonder hubbies took care of the little ones. Stephen told me the cutest story about the girls that I just have to share.

They have been getting much better at sharing lately.. particularly food. Just the other day Ada sweetly fed Margot bites of her own chocolate chip cookie after Margot had eaten all of her own and was crying for more.

Stephen took them to a softball game in the neighborhood yesterday and brought along a couple of lolly pops (DumDums) as a treat(bribe?) for the wagon ride over there. He chose two flavors that would be pink, watermelon and cherry. But when he opened the watermelon it was white. Blerg. Ada was fine for a minute.. until she saw Margot's lovely pink cherry lolly. Then she didn't want her's anymore. She started to fuss and get upset.. we have some seriously emotional and moody girls. Stephen asked Margot if she would share hers with Ada.. "Mmmmm sure!" came the reply. She held it out for her to take a lick. Ada wanted to hold it.. that was crossing a line. So the lick wasn't enough for Ada.. Stephen asked if Ada could have a bite of it (?!). Margot considered and then agreeably bit off a piece and handed it to Ada. Still not satisfied Ada continued to protest.. yeah he could have just let her scream it out.. you know how much fun that is. Instead Stephen asked one more time.. "Margot, would you just trade with Ada?" "Sure!".. and that sweet baby gave her pink lolly to her sister. Of course it doesn't always go this well but it's those moments that make your heart swell. Watching your child's little personality bloom in front of your eyes.. and it's a pretty bloom.

I am pretty sure if I calculated the amount of time we spend putting out fires and fights and trying to contain attitudes and doling out discipline for bad behavior it would far outweigh the moments of peaceful play and sweet sisterly love. Still for some reason those 5 minutes of precious cooperative play make it possible to bear the other stuff. It makes it all feel worthwhile.


L said...

You look beautiful!!!!!!

Ellen said...

We got it, so we might as well flaunt it. =) Love ya, sis...

SMS said...

@L - Thank you :)

Love you too E :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, girls!

Larry said...

An amazing story that only gets more beautiful over time. -Larry