Sunday, May 22, 2011


No pictures to go with this one. I feel like a completely and utter cliche right now. It is 3:39 am and Stephen and I just got back from the hospital. I had been having contractions regularly for an hour and a half after calling the doctor and asking what I needed to be at before we needed to head in.. 45-50 seconds each about 10 minutes apart.. I know there is still room for improvement there so I called him back since he had said to call again when they were 30-45 seconds long and more regular. He sleepily (grumpily?) told me to go on into the hospital and "get checked out". I swear to you as soon as I stood up and started getting things together the dang contractions slowed down again.. by the time Heather (aka Saint Heather the Life Saver) got here close to 1am to watch the sleeping beauties they were practically non-existent. Rule follower that I am, I still felt like we should go in and get checked out. It never really picked back up that much and after being there for a couple of hours I asked if we could please go home and the nurse called the doc and he said yes.... go home. Ye olde cervix is closed up pretty tight.. shortened apparently.. but still closed. Only 50% effaced.. whatever the heck that means. Here is the suck part... these contractions hurt. They are apparently working on getting things going but it seems dealing with them since 4am yesterday was not enough time for my dear old body to get a move on. Not that I am bitter about it or anything. Bro-ther. So... waiting.... and trying to figure out how the heck I am going to get any rest with these things coming in waves every 10-15 minutes. Really hoping Tylenol PM does more right now than it has in the past.....SIGH.

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Christa said...

Don't get discouraged (easy for me to say sitting 1800 miles away NOT pregnant and NOT ready to give birth at any minute), with Maddie I went to the OB at 8am after having hard contractions 7-9 minutes apart for several hours. I was told that I wasn't dilated at all. After all the smirky smiles and rolling of eyes from the nurses and doctor, I delivered a 7lb 8oz baby 9 and 1/2 hours after being checked and not dilated. Here's to hoping precious baby girl makes her grand entrance today!!