Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby Stuff

Margot is too cool for this crowd.

Poor Ada loves her bathing suit but it's always "too tight" or "not working". In reality it is actually loose on her (as bathing suits go).. but she has her Daddy and Grammy's sensibilities so.. most things are too tight or "not working". This is our biggest battle lately.. shoes being a particular struggle. She tries so hard to hang in there and eventually win her battle with such things as stitching around the toe of her sandal. I am proud of her efforts.. just a little tired of the screaming and fighting sessions it takes to get her there.. but nevertheless we forge ahead.

Doncha just wanna kiss that little cheek? Margot is definitely our entertainer.. among other things.

So I am now in my 37th week. I went to the OB yesterday and things still look great. I am starting to get a little puffy.. and that is uncomfortable. Even my doctor said I looked a little more puffy than normal. I lost 4 pounds in the last week though.. what?!?! Who knows. My body is nutty. The main issue with the puffy stuff is my legs.. standing makes them ache and throb.. but at least that doesn't really get going until the end of the day. I just need to take it easy .. ha! The doc I saw yesterday is our buddy who has twin girls and a singleton girl of his own so he laughed out loud when he said that to me. At least he knows how silly that sounds. Right now I can't complain though. The girls are playing "Emmie and Kiley".. this is a new one. They are pretending to be two of their friends and calling each other by said names. Currently Emmie (Margot) is brushing Kiley's (Ada) teeth with a pillow. My kids are.... special.

No sign that this baby will come early. In fact he said he was perfectly comfortable with waiting 7-10 days after my due date for me to go into labor on my own so I can VBAC. I should feel lucky that my doctors are so supportive of this option since so many are not. Still.. the lazy and exhausted part of me wants them to tell me to schedule another C-Section. If I am honest with myself though, I don't feel good about this option as an elective procedure this time. Last time I was so worried about Margot being breech and had no peace about a vaginal breech delivery that I was absolutely certain I wanted a C-Section. This time I really have a gut feeling that I will eventually go into labor and that VBAC is the way to go. Of course I am fine with a C if it comes to that in the end, but as of now my gut says.. VBAC. I find that my gut instinct is normally a pretty good judge of these things and when I ignore it.. I get into trouble.

I am so stinkin' tired today. Everyday really. Who is surprised by that though? Every morning I get up thinking "Today is the day I will tie up all the loose ends around the house. I CAN DO THIS. I CAN do the laundry! I CAN vacuum the crumb covered floor! I CAN pack my bag for the hospital and finish the list of tips for those who might be keeping the kids!" and then I waddle downstairs for breakfast... and then sit down on the couch. And stay there for at least an hour. Time waster! Just don't feel like moving and she is buried so deep down in my pelvis that it is actually pretty painful to walk up and down and bend over to collect stray toys and all that jazz.. so today after my wasted time.. I am wasting more by telling you guys about how I waste my time these days. Really can't wait for Stephen to be done with school. That will make a huge difference.. too bad he's not done until the day before she is due. Sigh. How about this.. can't wait for Mary to get here on the 25th!!! That is if baby hasn't made her appearance before then.

Ok. Off to make beds and pack that doggone hospital bag!

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Wendy's World said...

Can't believe you are so close to your due date! Please don't feel guilty about relaxing... take any break you can because when this newest addition comes, you won't have the chance. Thinking about you!