Monday, May 02, 2011

The most peaceful room in our home..

We are ready for her arrival... I, for one, and more than stinkin' ready. Holy moly I am so tired of being pregnant. I feel like all I do is complain but seriously.. just over this whole thing. I was about to have the girls by this point with them.. and I could spend all day sleeping and eating and putting my feet up.. this chasing the girls around all day and trying to keep my house together so I can keep my sanity is for the .. I would say birds but it's really for those folks that want really big families or something.. I am so excited that we are having 3.. 3 is a good number in my book.

For the time being I try to escape to my happy place whenever I can. The baby's room is my happy place. How could it not be?! Look at the beautiful quilt that Grammy Mary made for our little lady. You simply can't look at it without smiling.

The return of the comfy rocker doesn't hurt either.

Neither do Stephen's precious silhouettes framed in up-cycled frames from Mom.

And then there is the crazy coincidence that my friend Cheri hand knitted a blanket for baby that happens to be the exact same colors as the quilt that Mary made. I mean look at that!!! I never told Cheri anything about colors and Mary and she never spoke. Cheri said she just knew I like vintage stuff so she chose colors that looked vintage.. amazing.

Now I am going to take these cranky kids outdoors and attempt to wear them out. Is it really only 10:30 ....? Sigh.

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L said...

Oh my. This post made me so happy. Love your beautiful home!