Saturday, May 07, 2011


75 degrees and sunny.. perfect day for our first trip to pick strawberries. It did rain some yesterday but thankfully it didn't seem to affect the flavor of the strawberries.. maybe they didn't get any of our rain. They are as sweet as sugar.

Ada found the biggest "daddy strawberry" of the morning.

Margot was very focused on finding "baby berries".

The fun lasted about 25 or 30 minutes.. and that might be a generous guess but they were both super great little girls and stayed in their row and didn't have a melt down and really had a great time. Too bad we can't do this every Saturday :)


Larry said...

What fun to share strawberry stories with Elsie yesterday, while you guys were actually picking the good stuff. Very cool! So glad the girls could celebrate a beautiful Carolina spring day. -Happy Mother's Day sweet Sarah! You're loved deeply by all who know you!

jennamarie said...

Just dropping by to check in on you and your sweet girls! I can't wait for strawberry season to hit Michigan -- a few more weeks yet. Lovin' the pictures. :)