Sunday, October 13, 2013


The girls started ballet last month, courtesy of Aunt B and several other family members birthday generosity. Since it was their first class we just went with a basic age appropriate class the City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation put on at the Rec Center two minutes from our house. They had all the gear and were super psyched to learn how to be real ballerinas. 

Ada told me before we left for class: "I think when the teacher sees me do this (does a twisty twirly move) she will say 'Wow! You already know everything!!'" 

Both girls wondered which boys would carry them over their head and help them do pirouettes.

Sweet Ada was so serious about becoming a real ballerina at long last. I have to say that she was a bit disappointed when the class included some gymnastics as well and told us that though it was fun, it wasn't really a ballet class. I am determined to find her something a little more serious this next go round. 

These purses are actually holding their ballet slippers. 

As usual, Frankie is just happy to be here :)

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