Monday, October 21, 2013

State Fair

Nana and Papa came with us to the State Fair this year. They got to come see the Rabbit Barn and taste the worlds best country ham biscuit. 

We saw the requisite animals and large pumpkins. Checked to see if any of Stephen's students won this year (nope), and did a lot of walking. There is lots to do and see but our plan is usually to hit the same buildings we always and eat the same great food we look forward to. There is the roasted corn on the cob, the falafal from Neomonde, the mini donuts, ribbon fries,  the giant kosher dill pickle, frozen apple cider and of course, cotton candy. We don't go in for the Krispy Kreme bacon cheese burger or the fried butter. Have to draw the line somewhere... 'merica. 

Frankie whizzed right through her nap time with a smile on her face. Here she is being a ham and propping her feet up on Daddy's leg. 

As we were leaving I asked Ada if she had fun. As is her usual style upon departure from some much looked forward to event - she said no, she did not have fun. When I asked her why, she said because we didn't DO anything. We just looked at things and ate. 

For the record we intended to take them on the ferris wheel for the first time but they both decided they didn't want to do it. Ada said she would have liked to play some games. So next time we will add games into the program. Alas there will always be much eating and looking at things at the fair since that is pretty much what it's all about. Next year maybe we will venture into the Midway and try games and check out the "rides". Maybe then we will get some pictures of us doing something other than eating. 

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