Sunday, October 13, 2013

Disney World Trip

Our first trip to Disney was pretty Magical. We spent the night before in the Saratoga Springs resort (courtesy of Aunt Laurie's connections and Papa Larry's generous heart). That morning pink was up with the sun ready to put on her brand new Princess Aurora dress. Yellow didn't wake up until much later. We had spent the previous day playing in the pool at the resort so we had a nice layer of sunburn already started. 

When you wear your princess dress at Disney, the park staff all stop and bow or greet you "Good morning Princess Aurora!! Good morning Princess Belle!!". Our shy girlies were a little put off by this but pretty soon they got used to it. My favorite moment of the entire day happened when we stopped to get a drink about mid-morning. I had been encouraging the girls to smile and wave at those folks who greeted them. I turned around to find Margot, seated a little ways off from the rest of us, facing the stream passersby with a toothy grin on her face, waving and nodding to everyone. I have no photo or video clip on my phone but that little moment is one that I will remember. 

We met the fairies in Pixie Hollow. Vidia is not our favorite fairy, she tried to win us over. 

Tinker Belle!!

It was so hot. There was much ice cream consumption that day. 

And pickles.. who doesn't love a huge ice cold dill pickle. 

Margot enjoying the blast of cold air from the Hall of the Presidents. 

Obligatory family shot. 

My twinsies in their pink and yellow. 

You might have noticed that Frankie is missing from these pictures. Sweet Laurie and her boys and Elsie were watching Frankie so that Mary and Larry could join us at the park. We will take her when she turns 4 as well.

More ice cream. 

Grammy and Grampapa - Disney Trip Sponsors :)


It was a long day. 

Tears are short lived at Disney. They are also short lived in the arms of your Grammy. 

Headed home. Best day. 

This is a tired girl. A tired girl who may have loved the bus ride to and from the park as much as she loved the park itself. 

I have never been to Disney in my life. When we arrived, once we got through the craziness of getting our tickets checked and actually walked into that downtown area.... ya'll.. we started walking down the middle of the street with the rest of the crowd and there was music playing and fireworks going off and Mickey and Minnie were dancing down the steps of Cinderella's Castle. It was just as it should be. Magical. We rode It's A Small World, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh and climbed the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. We saw the Dumbo ride and decided to skip it because Margot's best friend Liam said it was scary. We played in the splash zone. We saw the Tea Cups. We didn't ride the Tea Cups. Mommy and Daddy got to ride Space Mountain (which was AMAZING by the way) while everyone else rode the People Mover. We just had a fantastic day. Once we headed back to the resort at twilight, almost 9pm, we realized the pool would still be open until around 11. So we said goodbye to Grammy and Grampapa and headed to the room to get into our bathing suits. They were playing a pool side movie when we got there - Peter Pan.. our favorite. So the girls and Stephen swam and went down the water slide and watched Peter Pan under the stars while I read Game of Thrones and tried to stop giggling about what an amazing time we were having. We all got to bed just before midnight. I can't wait to do it all over again one day. 

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