Sunday, October 13, 2013

Frankie Turned 2

Frankie turned two on May 23rd, 2013. Our girls two favorite things at that time were Curious George, and Cheerios. The big girls thought it only fitting for Daddy to make a "Keerio - Gore" cake. Frankie loves "Gore" so much that for awhile she was talking the way he.. talks. My child was making cute little monkey sounds. Which is cute at home.. not so cute in the line at Trader Joe's. 

The baby of the family is also quite the builder. She will stack anything. These are her custom birthday blocks from Daddy. 

Once she made her tower.. she left it there on her tray while she opened her other presents. Frankie is also very fond of puzzles, often dragging us upstairs to the shelf in Ada and Margot's room where the more complicated puzzles are kept. She is really good at puzzles big and small. 

She has her sisters' love for imaginary play and loves mommies and babies of all shapes and sizes. She also has a thing for beavers. A beaver mommy and baby were a double whammy. 

Things I want to remember about you at this age sweet girl:

-You are so loud. So loud Frankie. Your joy is infectious and it also sometimes hurts our ears. 
- You are not a super awesome eater.. but you are trying to be better. You have started taking your two bites of a new food in order to get dessert and your grin from ear to ear when the table erupts into applause as we all cheer your successes. 
-You love your sisters so deeply and they are so connected with you. 
- You squeal and run for the front door when daddy comes home every day. You love to play "Monster" on his iPad. 
-You love your Papa. Both of them. 
-You love to go and do. If we could go "bye-bye" every day, all day you would be thrilled.
- You are a pleaser. You can be difficult at times but when corrected you try to do the right thing. 
-You love working in the yard with me. I love that you love that. I am counting the seconds together outdoors and keeping each one locked away in my happiest place.
-You love eggs, grits, and all things breakfast related. 
-You are trying to jump and get both feet off the ground, practicing so hard.. you almost have it!
-You can and will climb anything.
-Despite the pictures above, you no longer sit in a high chair or even a booster seat. You were ready to be a big girl and now you sit next to Mommy at the dinner table in regular chair like the rest of us. 
-It takes very little to make you belly laugh. You just live life full speed ahead and at full volume.

- You are a delight. I write this every time we celebrate your birth but with each year it becomes more true. You are my little buddy during the day when you sisters are at school and I actually get lonely when I run an errand on the weekend and you aren't there in the cart in front of me. 

We love our Frankie. You make our world a better place. 

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