Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Rainbow - Princess-Baking-Adventure-Treasure-Ice-Cream-Birthday Party

Pink and Yellow turned 5 this year. We had a Rainbow - Princess-Baking-Adventure-Treasure-Ice-Cream-Birthday Party. 

Daddy helped everyone bake brownies. 

We had a scavenger hunt with picture cards drawn by Uncle David. 


The treasure was in the mail box. 

The finest fake earrings the Dollar Tree has to offer. 

Bat Man was in attendance and wasn't thrilled with the YouTube ballet. 

Celebs were also present. 

Then on our actual birthday we opened presents with Grammy who was visiting for the weekend and had our traditional birthday cake for breakfast. 

Then the following weekend we got to celebrate again with Nana and Papa and Uncle Page and Aunt Jenny and Gram and Uncle Michael and Aunt B. We went to the Sci-Quarium and saw all things oceanic from penguins to sharks. There was much celebrating this year. 

How is it even possible that they are five already? Living in denial. 

Happy birthday to my beautiful, smart, talented, loving, giggly, snuggly little girls. 

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