Saturday, August 16, 2008

Big Brother

For those of you out there on the interweb who have been wondering how Oliver is faring with all these changes, let me just say that he is the consummate big brother. He wants to be with them whenever they are not sleeping. His bark has become extremely aggressive towards strangers outside out windows and he has taken to launching himself at the screen door and barking non-stop when we have visitors. He has become very protective. Once we allow said visitor inside and he sees that we are friends with the person and they are not here to harm his little sisters, he turns back into the same old Oliver with all the tail wagging and toy exhibiting of his former sibling-less self. 

The other day the room to the girls room was shut and they had started to wake up from their nap and were crying softly inside. Oliver ran to get his favorite bone and started twirling excitedly and wagging his tail outside their door. When I opened the door he ran inside and straight to the crib, jumped up on the side and started trying to put his bone through the slats in crib, wagging his tail the whole time and doing is little happy wiggle dance. It was one of the sweetest displays I have ever witnessed and I knew for sure that he knows that these little ones belong to us and are here to stay. 

When I nurse, Oliver is my nursing buddy. We have two Boppies but I only use one at the moment so Oliver either cuddles in the empty Boppy or on my leg while I feed the girls. 

Ada and I have been spending extra cuddly  time the last few days. She is my inconsistent nurser and when she goes several feedings without really getting a good meal it's hard on Mommy. She still sleeps like she has a full belly and we give her a supplemental syringe of milk but it still bothers me. Extra cuddle time seemed to help a bit yesterday. 

We went to their second weigh in on Thursday and the news was good. Ada gained one ounce and Margot gained two. They are supposed to be gaining 1/2 to 1 ounce a day at this stage so Margot was on the high end and Ada on the low of this scale. The doc was very pleased and said we should keep doing what we are doing. We go back this coming Friday for another check at which point they should have gained their birth weight back so we are really pushing the feedings around here. If you think of us, please pray that both girls will consistently nurse and get full feedings each time. It's really hard to wake a near term infant up for feeding so that is a little added strain on things but they are doing very well.. I am just impatient and have nothing better to worry about I suppose. 

I have already started dreading the day all my help leaves and it's just me here during the day alone with the two of them. I am sure we will figure things out in good time but I must admit it's a little daunting. Right now I would just be happy if my incision would heal fully so that I can be back to my more active self sooner.. again with the impatience thing. All in all everything is well here. Stephen and I are going for a morning outing to the Farmers Market while Mom watches the girls so I better get movin' before they wake up. 

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Michelle D said...

Oh I love seeing Oliver with them! I have been wondering how he's doing with his little sisters. I'm not even much of a dog person but Oliver is converting me. Praying for you girlfriend and that your help is there for the rest of your recovery. I remember how difficult and consuming it was trying to make sure feedings went well and that they were getting enough. I don't think anyone can understand that until they go through it. Know that you have a lot of empathizers out there who are thinking of you:) I also dreaded when Erik had to go back to work and I was alone. I cried about it for months before I had Ian and in the end we found our rhythm and I saw that I could do it. You will find yours and I think that you will be SO good at this Sarah. You are a wonderful Mother already:) And do let people help - bring dinner or whatever. Sometimes you have to be really honest about what you need. Things were so crazy in Colorado with Jack and we were new in our church so no one was bringing us meals. So when one of our friends asked if we needed anything Erik was like, "Um, we're hungry." They had all assumed our church was taking care of us so after that we didn't have to worry about dinner. In Germany we had nothing and nobody but each other. So I asked someone in my family to fly out and thank the Lord my mother in-law could because everyone was so busy. I'm introverted so sometimes its hard for me to ask for or receive help but Germany showed me how valuable allowing community is. I wish I were closer. Praying that you have community when you need it and quiet when you want to soak up this sweet time with your girls. Sending