Saturday, August 30, 2008

Looks like we made it..

Check! Made it through the first week alone with flying colors. Friday was the culmination of what I consider to be a pretty decent week, and we celebrated with having the busiest day imaginable... well.. busy for parents of new twins at least..

My brother John and his wife, Mariel, are in town for the holiday and they stopped by with Dad for a surprise visit, and brought a HUGE basket of all sorts of goodies(from their recent trip to CA) for us and the babies and stayed awhile to hold them. I think Mariel looks like a natural don't you?

Feeling extra ambitious (and a little like I would lose my mind if I didn't get some fresh air soon), Stephen and I FINALLY took the girls for their first walk in their fabulous stroller (courtesy of Aunt Margie and Uncle Gavin). What a fantastic stroller it is too. Goes through the front door with the greatest of ease. Walking around the block felt incredible, aside from the terrible humidity. Can't wait to take that baby out for a few more spins in the coming weeks. 

Back at home from out short stroll, we anxiously awaited the arrival of our friend Nathan and his wife, Suki. They were stopping in on their way to NYC to deliver/install Nathan's work for a show he is having up there with his new gallery. This was the girl's first time meeting Uncle Nathan and though he hates having his picture taken, he allowed Stephen to take one leaving out his face :) Who wants to venture a guess at which baby he is holding?

After they got back on the road, I fed the girls and we headed to St. David's for the first football game of the season.. yes we brought the girls with us..yes I know they aren't supposed to be out in public places until they are 8 weeks old BUT we kept them in their car seats, forbade anyone to touch them, and figured an open air venue would be pretty safe germ wise. They were a hit. We got to meet and visit with lots of faculty and students and though the Warriors were hustled off the field shortly after kick-off due to lightening, we enjoyed the outing and are looking forward to many more. Ada and Margot slept soundly through the whole experience. 

With the clock ticking (their next feeding approaching fast) we bade farewell to football scene and headed to the car with our bundles of joy in the hopes of making it to Erin's birthday soiree before the girls were ready for their dinner. We made it with minutes to spare and enjoyed visiting for  a few moments with everyone from FR before Margot began to stir and we snatched them back up and raced for home, stopping at Arby's to grab some super nutritious dinner. 

I honestly couldn't believe we did it all. It was such a treat to get out of the house and visit and just ride around in the car!  Of course all that activity wore me out and I passed out cold as soon as the girls were fed and put to bed. I have been recovering all day.. but it was worth it! Stephen is home this weekend and has Monday off of course so he has been the perfect husband that he always is and doing loads around the house to help me out. I have been able to sleep uninterrupted and have not had to carry both girls on my own to accomplish fact.. I think I have only changed 1 maybe 2 diapers all day! Such a blessing.. I feel so rested and am looking forward to a good night's sleep. 

Here is baby Margot after her bath this evening. 

Ada, ever the cool cat, waiting to be bathed. I seem to recall an almost identical picture of their Uncle John asleep in his crib with his arms behind his head. 

So the whole stay at home mom thing is working out pretty well so far. It has it's easier moments and those more difficult ones. I really started to enjoy the solitude of being alone with my children the most towards the end of the week. Once I get my energy and strength (in by back) completely back I will really be cooking with gas. Their little personalities are really starting to shine. Ada is still my sensitive girl and though both babies cry, her cries are more desperate most days and she really enjoys a good cuddle. Margot loves to cuddle as well and is our quieter baby, her cries being more communicative and less desperate sounding. Both girls have very healthy lungs and can scream with the best of them. They are staying awake a little more, a little longer each day and that has been fun so far. Anyway, things are going well. The only time the "baby blues" seem to hit me is during those early AM feedings when my groggy ladies aren't as quick to latch and for some reason I feel irrational and hormonal - despite the fact that the entire day may have gone off without a hitch. I really have to battle my attitude during those feedings.. and that is something new as they used to be relaxing to me (for some odd reason). Ok well enough prattling on, dinner is served. Thanks for everyone's continued prayers for us. Stephen's week at school went even better than the last. 


Tracy said...

Oh Sarah! That all sounds so wonderful. I guess it was the Lord's timing and He felt you needed that week without me! I am so proud of you. I know how yall felt taking the girls out to the game and all, you feel like such a wonder woman!!! The pictures are so cute.. as soon as the Hurricanes pass through, I'll call and we will reset me a week to come. I miss you guys so much! Love to all.

Christa said...


Sounds like you had a great end of the week. I am so glad that John and Mariel were able to visit. Mom said she was able to see them for a few minutes on Friday. Maddie and I always love seeing pictures of those sweet babies. Oh, I loved the comment about the practice on your Cabbage Patch...who knew after we lugged those "babies" everywhere that we would have real baies to lug....except my babies seemed to need more stuff to be lugged than my Cabbage Patch!!

Love you!

Ellen said...

Ok, I'm going to guess that the baby in the pic is Ada. That face scrunch looks familiar, but Margot could do it, too. I'm glad you had such a nice week. Love you!

SMS said...

Good guess :) However.. it was in fact.. Margot. Don't feel bad though.. you had a 50/50 shot ;)

Anonymous said...

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