Monday, August 04, 2008


Two days.. two.. as in day after tomorrow I will be the proud mother of two little girls.. all at once. Today I had Cuban food from Oakwood Cafe for lunch and will probably have it again tomorrow. Stephen and I tried to think of things, last minute things, that needed to be taken care of before Wednesday and didn't come up with very much. He is really getting a lot done on his lesson plans and that is encouraging to us both. So it sit/lay on the bed and help him with sentence wording/idea affirmations while thumbing through various books and catalogues. 

Tonight, Ellen came over to visit for one last time before my whole world changes and I become the strange and alien being that I will apparently turn into once I view my offspring for the first time. First, we went for a drive to check out a house and a neighborhood she was curious about buying in. After deciding that it was a definite no-go, she took me for a Cook-Out milkshake (I had the Chocolate Malt) and we came back here and ended up sitting outside in the front yard for a few hours chatting. We talked about everything from college to babies to weddings .. memories intwined like the smooth tapestry that only sisters can weave together. 

I remember that time before she had Seth. I remember wanting to soak up every moment we got to spend together, worried that once he arrived I would lose my best friend as she  became one with the universal sisterhood of mothers. And then, he was here, and though she was different.. she was still the same girl that I have known all these years. I hope that I can do as good a job of keeping my identity intact as she has done. Thanks for the milkshake, Anne girl. 


LD said...

Hi Sarah! Just wanted you & your man to know that we'll be thinking of you both over the next few weeks! Sorry we will be away during the birth, but can't wait to catch up upon our return!

Ellen said...

No loss, sis. The new is just as wonderful as the old. It's a fantastic transformation. You're going to love it. Love you. And I want a copy of that picture you took of me. I'd never seen it before. =)

Christa said...

Hey Cousin! How exciting that you are about to embark on this wonderful journey called motherhood. Though it maybe full of poopy diapers, runny noses, and sleepless nights. The love that comes from it is over whelming. You are going to be a great mother times two. Love you!