Friday, August 01, 2008


The doctor's appointment went great today. I got all of my questions answered and the picture is pretty simple; show up, get numbed from the waist down, get sliced open, extract the babies, sew me back up.... all in 30-40 minutes flat. Piece of cake really. I was happy to learn that I will not be on a morphine drip, just a high dose/long lasting morphine thing they give me at the beginning of the surgery that lasts about 18 hours. Also, they will give me high dose Motrin and only give me pain medication if/when I feel like the Motrin is not doing the trick. I can also exercise "as soon as I feel up to it" since this incision is super strong and apparently there is no way I can damage tear it or hurt myself. For those who don't know this, they no longer cut the abdominal muscles in this procedure. These days they just part the muscles and gain the necessary access, then stitch you back up and cover the incision with surgical glue. So your abdominal muscles protect the incision itself. Too much info? Sorry. I thought it was all pretty fascinating. I will find it all first hand soon enough.

We are rejoicing tonight that Mary and Larry were not injured in the auto accident they were in today. A woman rear ended them and pushed their vehicle into another vehicle, doing a great deal of damage to their beautiful new truck. Please be in prayer for an easy process and agreeable adjusters as they deal with this loss and work on getting the truck repaired. Thanks everyone.


Nicole Poko said...

This is happening so fast! I cannot wait to see your little girls.

Christa said...

Hang in there you have nearly made it!!!