Thursday, August 14, 2008

Week One: Glow Worm Infestation

Well we made it through the first week! The girls were one week old yesterday :) Our home has become infested with these little glow worms and somehow we can't seem to remember what life was like before they arrived. A few photos from the past week to catch everyone up.. 

The cocoon the morning of the hatching. This is what 12 lbs of baby looks like. 

Leaving the hospital after having the girls safely installed in their car seats by one of the nurses who then insisted on taking out picture. If it looks like I put on weight that would be because I now have two bowling balls strapped to my chest. 

First glimpse of the glow worms in their home environment. 

This is Ada on the left and Margot on the right. Margot is our finger sucker and loves to get her arm worked out of her Papa's professional swaddling job so she can have a taste. 

Ada enjoying a little Kangaroo Care with Papa. Though the girls were full term for twins (37 weeks) they are still considered premies. Premies really benefit from lots of skin to skin contact with the parents in the early weeks so we spend a lot of time cuddling them to our chests right now. If I could I would do it all day long, they  are fantastic snugglers at this stage. 

One proud Grandpa with sweet Margot. Dad has been driving over to Raleigh (a one and a half hour trip each way) every night he is free to stop in and visit and hold the girls for a little while. We are so glad he and Mom are close enough to get to enjoy these early days with us. 

So here is the skinny on how things are going. I am sure I will soon eat these words but I gotta say.. so far it's been a lot easier than I expected. I am nursing them both at the same time and they  are on the same schedule. Sunday and Monday night, it seems they had their days and nights mixed up but that changed Tuesday night and last night. They are sleeping and waking up at about the 3 hour mark which is what we wanted. Again..I know this is probably beginners luck and we are in for more difficult times ahead but so far.. it really has been awesome and I can even venture to say that I feel pretty rested. I am still taking it easy recovering from the surgery and Mom has been a fantastic help and comfort this week - our house has not been this clean in awhile and she even found the time to bake us a pound cake yesterday! 

Now that I am able to move around better, I am actually able to go and get the girls for feeding at night and leave Stephen and Mom to sleep. That makes me really feel like a mom. I am constantly amazed that they actually recognize my  voice and that sometimes Stephen and I are the only ones who can soothe them. 

Oliver is the best big brother two little girls could want. He scratches at their door when they are crying and when the door slides open he hurries in to check on them, standing up on the edge of the crib and peering up at the new little creatures that are now in his home. He cuddles on my leg every time I nurse them and loves to sniff them and give them tiny little puppy kisses on their cheeks. They  seem to know him already and have never even turned their faces away from his kisses. He faithfully protects them from the mailman every  day and no matter how long or loud he barks, they never even flinch.. even if they are asleep! He has just been as fantastic as we knew he would be and we are so glad to finally be back at home with him. 

The girls had their first doctor's appointment on Tuesday and all was well. The only  item of concern was their weights. They did not lose any weight since leaving the hospital but they also did not gain - so that means they maintained which is a plus but we really need them to gain. SO... the last day and half has been a feed fest. I have been supplementing their feedings with a syringe full of pumped milk and pumping before feedings so that they can get to the good fatty "hind milk" faster when they eat. We have another weigh in today and we hope that they  have put on what they need to. If not, we will move on to other strategies. We are trying really hard to avoid having to bottle feed until they are at least 6 weeks but their thriving is my top priority so if that takes a bottle then.. I am fully on board. The biggest problem I have had is keeping them awake during feedings. It's just because they are so young and it is getting better by the day but it has been a bit of  a challenge. I have tried all the tricks, tickling feet, rubbing their hands, cold washcloth to the face and body, undressing them..they are serious little sleepers. Anyway.. it's getting much much better and will continue to do so as they age. 

So there you have it, week one in our lives as the parents of twins. I am off to take a nap before the next feeding frenzy. Thank you again, everyone for all your prayers for us.. they are working!


Julie said...

i'd love to come by and visit sometime. just let me know when it's convenient! i think about you all as i drive by CCH each day...

Momma B. said...

Hello and congratulations!! Your girls are so precious! I am Ellen's SIL. Many blessings to you and your sweet family as y'all begin this journey!

Christa said...

What a blessing to see new photos of your beautiful girls! They are such precious babies.

Glad you are feeling so well. We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.

Aunt Margie and Christa

Kristin Schoolfield said...

Glad to hear things are going well so far!