Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday.. again..

So every time I come near the computer when the girls are napping.. they wake up.. start crying/screaming and I have to abort my mission. I am taking a gigantic risk to write this post, but I just felt like making a go of it. They are currently napping next to me on the bed and just now when I started typing, Ada stretched and made a load of her grunting "waking up" noises.. but she has now quieted back down so on we go. 

I have started letting them nap during the day wherever they fall asleep.. I hope this is not bad. I will try and put them in the crib to nap and if they are happy there - so be it. However, if they fall asleep during tummy time - as in the picture above - I will let them nap right where they crash and usually crash right next to them. I have discovered that we all sleep better this way. Moving them to the crib is not always the best idea. 

Nights they spend in their crib without a doubt. Putting them has been relatively easy the last week or so. I feed them their last feeding at 8 or so. Then we change them and Stephen wraps them up tight and we each hold on until they settle down and/or fall asleep then put them in the crib. Usually we have to go in and re-comfort one or both once or twice but that's it. Then the two of us rush to get in bed ourselves to get as much sleep as possible in case they wake up earlier than expected. Normally one will wake around 3am - we get her up and feed her then put her back down - and her sister will wake about an hour later and we do the same for her.. then the alarm goes off at 5 and we are both up getting showers and breakfast while the girls snooze until their first morning feeding at 8.. sometimes it ends up being 7 if they are hungry earlier. So, I guess they are not really sleep through the night consistently but we feel like they are doing pretty well and it leaves us feeling more rested. 

Stephen loves to hold them first thing when he gets home in the afternoon.

Margot gripping his pocket. They are grabbing at things now. My hair is of course their favorite thing to snag. No smiles yet but they seem to be very close. Lots of cooing and they really enjoy staring into our faces. Holding their heads up well too, these girls are strong! I don't know how I will hold both at once in a few more weeks!

Above you see my birthday present from Stephen.. well these and an ice cream cake from Ben and Jerry's. The man knows how much I love my we saw this Grindhouse double feature at BAM in Brooklyn after a particularly lovely dinner so.. it's sentimental in the way that only a cheesy bloody guts and gore B movie can be. 

I have been cleared by my doc to do whatever, whenever. My scar is healing up nicely.. well ..healed  up really. The weather here is fantastic so we are taking lots and lots of nice long walks. Ada loves to ride along and look up at the trees. Margot enjoys this as well sometimes but she peppers in a bit of crying with all that looking. She is not yet as much of a fan of riding in the stroller. Ada likes more movement anyway. She loves for Stephen to zoom her around the room or bounce her up and down. Margot doesn't like these things as much and looks frightened and anxious when the goes for such wild rides with Daddy. Ada seems the daredevil at this age. 

I am doing ok.. the house is not as clean as I would like it but considering I turned down an offer from my mom to come and clean it that is my own dang fault :) Anyway, we cleaned half of it last night and we will do the other half tonight. My days are long but I am making it. Feels sort of like a marathon of sorts. A marathon where you are constantly on call to have to step off to the side and rock a baby. Sometimes I feel like my back is going to break in half if I have to stand up for one more second. So I have to let one of my girls cry in the crib while I comfort the other from the rocking chair. I try to comfort the crib bound one from afar "It's ok Margot.. you're ok Mommy's right here.." and so on.. but that doesn't do too much. Sometimes .. you just have to let them cry.. am I right? I try to let this happen as infrequently as possible but I am only human and only one person with only 2 arms. When Stephen comes home in the afternoon he is already tired from work but jumps in anyway, heating up dinner, holding babies, bathing babies etc. It really is the most work I have done in my entire life. I try to sleep when they sleep but honestly sometimes I just have to get a few things done.. and when I attempt it.. they usually wake up. They are still the sweetest babies I have ever known. 

One more thing..I have to just say  that the folks over at St. Davids are just the most amazing people we have ever had the pleasure to encounter. The meals have been incredible, huge batches of home cooked goodness with salad and sometimes even desert! Last week we were given the largest apple pie I have ever seen in my life! Anyway, we are so blessed and so thankful for their generosity to us. They just keep blessing us and blessing us over and over again.  Really could not have dreamed up a better place for Stephen to be working.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I am so grateful that you take the time to write us about your life with Ada and Margo. Also the pixs of them and their daddy. He certainly has the best job in Raleigh with such caring co-workers. It is a little cooler here now too. Thanks again for your blog. I love you for doing it. G-grandma.

Nicole Poko said...

The babies seem to look a lot like daddy in that one picture of Stephen holding them. Am I right?