Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today I am this many..

..that's right .. today I enter my 3rd decade of life... and what a day it has been already. The girls present to me began last night, when they decided to cluster feed for almost 5 hours straight. How was this a present you might ask? Well, they then proceeded to .. wait for it.. sleep through the night!!!!!!! Well.. Margot did wake once at about 2:30 and fed for a few minutes before passing out again and try as we might, Ada would not wake to feed a single sip. In my book that is sleeping through the night. This morning I had both a shower and breakfast before they sweetly (screaming the whole time) came with me to drop Stephen off at school and then we came back home and had a big family nap time on the big bed. I have recently learned (as of yesterday) that if they so bless me to fall asleep with me there on the bed after nursing, that I should curl right up  next to them so we can all get some shut eye, instead of attempting to transfer them to the crib. So we all napped while watching Pride and Prejudice. 

Oliver too wished me Happy Birthday today by attempting to devour the girls basket of toys that I left within his reach when I took Stephen to school. Poor pup. He thought they were all for him.

Here is Stephen this weekend managing the ladies while I got ready for Church. That's right, we all went to Church on Sunday - together! The girls slept right through like champs - though I jumped at every single grunt and squeak - down on my knees in front of their carriers rocking and sshhh'ing. Sunday was the launch service for Fellowship Raleigh so it was an especially special service for them to attend. 

I even dressed them in little dresses for the trip. I failed to take pictures until we were home and they were both screaming with hunger by then so I am afraid this will have to do for both. This is Margot, momentarily passed out from her tirade. I assure you they were both super duper adorable. 

Things to be thankful for on my birthday: 

1. Loads of awesome birthday checks!!!! What oh what to spend them on :)

2. My sweet sleeping baby girls

3. My sweet hardworking husband

4. The incredible faculty at St. David's who will be bringing our family meals on Monday,                  Wednesday, and Friday from now until October 13th!!!!!! Unbelievable. 

5. My spa gift certificate from Mom and Dad

6. My fabulous stroller that allows me to get out of the house and get some fresh air

7. Lunch with Ellen yesterday

Hmm.. I could go on and on but I must stop so I can wake the little ones so they can eat before we head out for their doctor's appointment. Excited to see how much they weigh this time. It has been a fabulous birthday morning thus far :)


Anonymous said...

Have a FABULOUS day!

From Mariel, John & Zin

Christa said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!! And may your sweet girls sleep peacefully today and tonight for you!

Tracy said...

are the wonder woman of the century! So So Proud of you! Those precious babies, and thier precious parents.... Love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Sarah,
Hope your day continues to be full of blessings!!
Wow! Meals three days a week for over a month!! What an incredible gift.
I guess the girls wanted to be sure to top the scales with their extra feeding last night. Can't wait to hear what they weigh in at.
Loved seeing the "dressed up for Sunday" picture. Mary Janes and all.

I love you,

MrsGardner said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! I am so glad that you are enjoying your special day. Guess what? Ben started sleeping through the night, too. I hear you on how amazing that is!!!

Michael Paul said...

Happy birthday, Sarah! It certainly sounds like a good start to this coming year!

Megan (and Michael)

Ellen said...

Happy birthday, sis! I'm glad I got a chance to give you a present. We'll do something when you get a chance to get away, and I'll buy... Love you.